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San Francisco Department Public Works (SFPW) recognizes that a rate increase has a significant impact on its customer, and therefore has hired an outside company to (a) conduct community outreach, and (b) facilitate public input in the rate process.

    • The Rate Payer Advocate’s role is to make sure the community is heard during the refuse rate application process. Our goals:

      • Provide the community with information about the refuse rate and application and approval processes;
      • Encourage community members to attend community forums and San Francisco Public Works Director’s hearings to voice their concerns;
      • Represent the community and ensure those concerns are heard and addressed at the Director hearings.

Please check out the Community Calendar for opportunities to learn more about the rate increase and to meet with your Ratepayer Advocate!

Community Outreach Strategy

Rate Payer Advocate has reached out to over 150 community groups and neighborhood organizations throughout San Francisco. In an effort to inform the community of Recology’s rate proposal, we have provided information and resources, as well as attended dozens of community meetings to give presentations. We will continue to make public presentations, update our website, engage in social media, and represent the views of the community throughout the duration of this process.

To learn more about our outreach strategy, please review our plan here.

RPA Public Outreach and Communications Plan


Rate Payer Advocate Recommendations 

In order to assist Public Works with their staff report, the Rate Payer Advocate team created a summary document of community input, feedback, and recommendations. This report was also presented to the public and submitted into evidence at a public hearing on April 19, 2017.

To learn more about our findings and recommendations, please click here to review our report.


Still have questions?
We are committed to making sure we solicit feedback from the community and stakeholders. Please contact us with questions, concerns and comments here.

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