Welcome to the Rate Payer Advocate portal. As Recology applies to increase refuse rates for the City of San Francisco, Public Works has retained an outside company to conduct community outreach, and facilitate public input in the rate application and approval process.

The Rate Payer Advocate exists for one reason: to ensure your voice is heard. On this website, you will find a detailed explanation of the refuse rate review process, the role of the Rate Payer Advocate, upcoming community meetings and hearings, and information about the City agencies and partners working together to achieve our goal of zero waste by 2020.

Refuse Rate Increase Proposal

Recology submitted a draft application to the City of San Francisco for a refuse rate increase to become effective July 1, 2017. This application outlines a rate structure that supports the City’s zero waste goals, and provides customers with new programs to support diversion efforts. The rate application accounts for infrastructure improvements to the City’s recycling and composting facilities, new and improved collection services, and a new reporting structure that will comply with statewide CalRecycle reporting guidelines.

The final application proposes a rate adjustment of 16.40%, resulting in a monthly increase of $5.70 for a typical residential customer. Many apartment buildings and commercial customers will be able to mitigate a significant portion of this change by “right-sizing” their containers based on material type and volume.

Funds will be invested in the following programs:

  • Update facilities’ processing technologies and infrastructure to accommodate increased volumes of recyclables and adhere to new state composting regulations;
  • Purchase new trash and recycling bins to increase recycling participation and decrease landfill material volumes;
  • Sign a new 5-year labor agreement with our union partners;
  • Account for a new 15-year landfill disposal agreement;
  • Establish new outreach and education programs.

SF Environment

SF Environment defines zero waste as sending nothing to landfill or incineration. SF Environment creates policies that reduce waste, and increase access to recycling and composting. To learn more about SF Environment’s zero waste initiative, click here.

San Francisco Department of Public Works

For more information from Public Works about the refuse rate application and upcoming hearings, please visit their website here.